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ordinary people do fucked up things when fucked up things become ordinary [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
ordinary people do fucked up things when fucked up things become ordinary

slept late again; two parts [Aug. 23rd, 2014|02:02 pm]
The first part of my dream last night I don't remember that well, because I woke up to walk my dog in the middle of dreaming.

I was with a bunch of people traveling through space, on a ship I guess but I never saw the ship. The first place we went was a snowy planet. It had a lot of ice and really strange creatures. There was a thing that was like a man-dog and it didn't have a nose. It had a huge mouth that took up the space a nose would normally be on a man. And huge teeth like a german shepherd. It wasn't aggressive though.

Then I got up to let Ignu out and give him his pills. And went back to sleep.

The second place we stopped I think we were lost. It was a large planet and it was mostly covered in tiny rocks and crystals. We all had lists of trivial shit to do. Find this and find that. I was walking around on this planet with a group of people. There were some buildings there. They didn't look abandoned, but they were empty. Some of them were unfinished - just beams with no walls in places. The buildings were all boring boxes with grey walls that were very hard and seemed unbreakable. The beams looked like metal from a distance, but they were something else when I touched them. A person in my group kept talking about the thing with a huge mouth from the snowy planet. We all had the ability to teleport, including me. We found some tunnels but didn't go far inside.

We went back to the ship, and someone who was apparently in charge told us we were going to meet with people who lived on this planet who would help us find what we needed. We all went to what looked like a desert. It had no structures on it, just dune buggy kind of things. It was hilly really, and made of this greyish dirt. The dirt was made up of tiny grey rocks with silt in them. I picked some up and kneaded it in my hands. First it started frothing white, and then the froth turned into different colors, one at a time. The tiny rocks changed color too.

There were people that looked a lot like us that showed up on vehicles that looked like dune buggies. They lived on this planet. They gathered in a part of the desert that was flattest, and I was far away. I started walking towards them and I woke up. I wish I remembered more about this dream. There were some really cool parts to it that I just can't remember anymore.
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slept until afternoon, and when I woke up it was bright and hot because my bed is next to a window [Aug. 22nd, 2014|05:11 pm]
Last night I had a dream that I had twins. It was with this guy who had blond hair, and they were fraternal twins - one had light hair and one had dark hair. My mom came to see them and was questioning whether or not they had different fathers. I told her they didn't and she looked at the father and at me and made a skeptical face.

I was trying to find a home and I had this tiny little house that went down like siege in guild wars 2, I could just throw the blueprints somewhere and add a little bit of supply and it would be built. I tried to put it in my room but it was a little too small so I looked around the neighborhood for a small lot. I found one, but it was right on the canal and the view from it sucked so I kept looking. Eventually I found this cargo container thing, but the inside was painted really smooth off-white and I decided I'd put my tiny little siegehouse in there and my "yard" would be inside the cargo container.

So I built it. And found some white furniture, not a lot because it was a really small place. I had this big bed and a shelving unit, they were both white. And I had a cat named Spacecat who was a dilute calico with medium length fur, and even though it was a dilute calico it was still pretty nice. I had Spacecat and the twins in those carriers that people use for big cats or small dogs. I let Spacecat out of the carrier, I think it was a he even though it was a calico, and he poked around the cargo container for a bit and then ran out the front and I was concerned he was lost.

The containers were open and the twins were gone. My mom came by again and kept telling me my place was too small and weird and sucked for tons of reasons, and then she brought up the twins' hair colors again and looked full of disapproval, and I tried to explain to her again that they both had the same father but babies have their mother's DNA as well as the dad's, and I have darker hair. Then I told her Spacecat was missing and the twins were gone but they might be with their father, and she gave me more angry looks.

I didn't see the twins come back, but they turned into small shi-tzu like dogs and one of them was Ignu. The father was acting like nothing was wrong. I went out to look for Spacecat and told all these people Spacecat is missing please let me know if you see him, and some people told me they saw my twins and they gave them to their dad, and they said "welcome to the neighborhood."
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